Search Index System

This is a backend server in a distributed system, it provides the backend indexing functionality. You setup this profile if you want a dedicated server providing search indexing.

Automated Configuration

Baruwa Enterprise Edition >= 2.0.7 uses an automated wizard based utility called baruwa-setup to configure the system. This utility collects configuration information from the user, performs any required software updates and then configures the system based on the profile selected and the configuration data collected. This simplifies the whole setup process in that the user does not have to edit any files.

The baruwa-setup utility is a wizard that asks a series of questions and then configures the system based on the answers provided.

A pass phrase is required to secure the authentication information that is collected.

Make sure you choose a strong pass phrase which is easy for you to remember but difficult to guess for others, a long sentence describing a personal experience is a good pass phrase.

To start the configuration process login to the server with the username root and the password you set during installation.

Issue the baruwa-setup command at the command prompt:

# baruwa-setup

The program will ask you to set a passphrase, enter the passphrase and press enter re-enter the same passphrase again to confirm. If the passphrase is accepted the System settings screen below will be displayed.

System Settings

This screen configures the basic system settings. The description of the options is as follows:

Option Description
System Type Set this to Search Index
FQDN Hostname This is the Fully qualified domain name This cannot be set to localhost
IP Address The system IP address usually detected
Activation Key Baruwa Enterprise Edition Activation Key
Timezone The system timezone, detected from the system configuration.
Enable clustering Do not check this
Enable Monitoring Check this to enable the NRPE service

Database Search User Settings

The screen sets database search user settings, The description of the options is as follows:

Option Description
Search User
The search database username
Search User Password
The search database user password, Only strong passwords
that do not contain the symbols ', ", @,
#, $ and : will be accepted.
Confirm Search User Password
Confirm the search database user password

Search Index Settings

The screen sets search index settings, The description of the options is as follows:

Option Description
Database Host
Database server IP address
Database Port
Database server Port - leave as default
Enable wildcard indexing
Enables Sphinx wildcard indexing, Setting this to true
will generate very large index files.

Admin Settings

The screen sets admin settings, The description of the options is as follows:

Option Description
Email Address
This email address will receive system notifications
from the host, it is aliased to the root account

Setup Running

At this point there is nothing left for you to do until the setup is complete. The program will update the screen with status information as well as logging it to /var/log/messages. If an error occurs the error information will be displayed until you press the enter button and the program will exit.


Setup Complete

When the setup is complete the following screen will be displayed simply press enter and the program will exit