It is possible to monitor Baruwa Enterprise Edition systems using the NRPE protocol from Nagios. To enable monitoring check the Enable Monitoring checkbox on the System Settings screen of the baruwa-setup utility.

Monitoring points

Depending on the system profile, the following points are available via NRPE.

  • Disk space
  • Uwsgi process
  • Database process
  • Database proxy process
  • Indexer process
  • Cache process
  • Message Queue process
  • Baruwa celery process
  • Baruwa Logging process
  • Mail Scanning process
  • Anti Virus Engine process
  • Message queue status
  • System Load
  • Security Updates

Adding your own monitoring points

You can add your own NRPE monitoring points by placing a .cfg file in /etc/nrpe.d then reload the nrpe service to activate the monitoring points.

Monitoring services

You can monitor the services by connecting to the actual port, most monitoring systems are able to do this.


The firewall port 5666 inbound is open to all, you need to restrict this by allowing access only from your monitoring IP addresses.