Answers to many common questions.

I think I’ve found a security problem! What should I do?

Answer: Email security@baruwa.com

If you think you’ve found a security vulnerability with Baruwa, please send a message to security@baruwa.com. Do NOT post a bug report to our issue tracking system or disclose the issue on our mailing lists.

Can a user have multiple email addresses on a single account ?

Answer: Yes

You can add alias addresses to a users account. Domains using Active Directory authentication will have these auto populated from the groups and addresses in active directory.

Alias domain addresses are also auto created the first time a user logs in.

Can users use their current mail password to login to Baruwa ?

Answer: Yes

Setup external authentication with either POP3, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP and RADIUS / RSA SecurID.

Are there any restrictions on username format ?

Answer: No

However users that authenticate to external systems will have their email address automatically configured as their username locally.

Which MTA does Baruwa Enterprise use ?

Answer: Exim

Baruwa Enterprise uses a customized version of the Exim MTA

How do the Baruwa Enterprise Edition subscriptions work ?

In order to run Baruwa Enterprise Edition you have to purchase a subscription. This gives you access to the BaruwaOS, Baruwa Network, Baruwa Datafeeds and Email Support.

You get access to any new upgrades and updates are available via the Baruwa Network.

If you cancel you MUST uninstall and stop using the software.

Should you choose to return on to support, you will have to pay for the period when your system did not have support before you can be returned on to support.

Are there limitations on the number of users or domains ?

Answer: No

Unlike our competitors we do not restrict the number of users or domains you can configure on your systems.