Baruwa Backups


The configurations in the /etc directory are backed up using etckeeper into a git repository located in /etc/.git. You should be able to recover and restore any configuration files you change or delete.

Backup Ninja

Baruwa Enterprise Edition ships with and configures backupninja to backup the database, system configurations as well as the mail quarantine.

Database backups

A SQL dump of the database is created daily and is stored in the /var/lib/pgsql/backups directory.

Filesystem backups

These backups are created in the rdiff format and contain both the Database and Etckeeper backups.

The backups are stored under /var/backups/hostname.

Offsite Backups

You can setup your own offsite backups by placing a file in the /etc/backups.d directory. The supported remote backup formats are:


The backups are created once a day.